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4 Tips From A Moving Services Company For Surviving A Holiday Move

At Movers Plus, we not only offer moving services that you can use no matter where in the state of Texas you’re moving, we also offer moving services you can use no matter when you’re moving.  The optimal time of year for a move is always late spring to mid-summer, especially if you have kids.  Warm weather offers more favorable moving conditions and your kids are out of school.  Conversely, the worst times of year to move are in the winter (yes, even in Texas) and around the holidays.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the option to choose when they move. Read more
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Tips From A Moving Company For Relocating With Kids

At Movers Plus, we are an experienced moving company that has transported families, seniors, young couples and large and small businesses.  Because we’ve moved just about every kind of client in and around the Frisco, TX area, we know that there’s one for whom the process of choosing and moving into a house is particularly stressful – parents of young children.  Because we know it’s tough to move with little ones, we came up with a list of house hunting and moving tips that will make both things a little easier. ✓ Do Your Research Ahead Of Time Nothing drives Read more
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Professional Movers Frisco TX: Relocating After Retirement

At Movers Plus, we are professional movers Frisco TX who understand that moving anywhere at any time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  If you are a baby boomer nearing retirement, moving may not be as difficult as it was when you had small children or when you had to deal with the prospect of settling into a new job in a new city, but it can be complicated and require you to make some interesting choices about where and how you want to live for the next 20 or more years.  Here are some helpful things to keep in Read more
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Professional Movers in Frisco, TX: Your Moving Checklist

As stressful as moving from one home to another can be, professional movers in Frisco, TX can help make the experience less nerve-racking. It’s important to know that, although the movers will take care of a huge part of the legwork, but there will still be plenty for you to do throughout the process. You will be less likely to forget something if you use a moving checklist. Write down everything that has to be taken care of before, during, and after your move, and then divide it up into mini-lists prioritizing the tasks that need to be taken care Read more
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Movers Frisco, TX: Your Move in the Hands of Professionals

Your stuff if valuable to you, and if you hire the right movers in Frisco, TX, they understand that. At Movers Plus, we know that we aren’t just moving a truck full of things; we are moving individual belongings that hold meaning and memories as well as value. That’s why we take extra care in packing, transiting and delivering your goods. We will even help you unpack and put away your things if you so desire. Call us today at 972-914-2500 to get your quote and schedule your move. We can’t wait to show you the difference between working with Read more
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Movers In Frisco, TX: 3 Types Of Items You Should Never Pack

If you’re planning a move in the near future and you’re getting ready to hire professional movers in Frisco, TX to help, you should know that there are certain items that many moving companies won’t move and there are certain items you shouldn’t let them move.  Here are 3 of the types of items that should never make it into a moving van: 1 – Dangerous Items Any item that is flammable, explosive or corrosive shouldn’t be packed and most moving companies won’t even consider moving them.  These items include loaded weapons and ammunition, acid, pesticides and weed killers, motor Read more