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Looking for a professional Little Elm moving company? Movers Plus LLC has the people, processes, and equipment in place to ensure a truly seamless moving experience. We deliver results. Every time!

To ensure a seamless move choose the best Little Elm moving company around. Make sure to have have your power company and phone service turned on in your new place the day before you move in, and turned off at your old place the day after you move out. It’s very important to empty out all possible frozen liquids and ice cubes from your freezer before you vacate your home. If this isn’t done, once your electricity provider shuts off your electricity the frozen liquids and ice cubes melt and leak onto your floors! Refill important prescriptions to sustain you through the transition. Order bank checks with your new address. Have mail forwarded to the new address as well. Obtain Change of Address Form at the Post Office, or update new address online at

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  • Credit card companies.
  • Magazine (One-Switch 888.255.7982) and newspaper subscriptions.
  • Banks and other financial institutions.
  • Auto insurance.
  • Home owner/Renter’s insurance.
  • Loan/Finance companies.
  • Club memberships.
  • Attorney and accountant.
  • AT&T & SBC 800.252.0638
  • Comcast 800.945.2288
  • DirectTV 877.616.MOVE
  • Voter Registration
  • IRS Change of Address and Income Tax Form 800.829.1040 (Form 3903 is one of the forms used to deduct moving expenses)


  • DFW Area Charities that pick up your household items:  Salvation Army DFW: 800.95.TRUCK
  • The biggest location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to donate your items is as follows:



We aren’t a time management planner, we’re a moving company. We’re not officially a reminder service, again we’re a moving company. With that said, what we also are is the Movers Who Truly Care. We want to do anything we can to make your moving experience a little more pleasant. If information about things to turn on and off and so forth can contribute towards that then we’re happy to provide it. Also feel free to call our office anytime and we will gladly provide points, advice, guidance in any area that will better serve you.

We certainly are and always strive to be a highly competent moving company that can be relied upon. Still, that isn’t quite enough. We don’t just want to be ‘another moving company’ even if it’s a reputable one. We want to truly take care of our customers from start to finish and create that wow experience that tips the scales between just another mover (all be it a good one) and a definitively set apart from the pack industry leader and client impresser. That’s what we’re after.

  • Thank you for visiting our web site. Please take a closer look at the services we offer as a professional Moving Company. We are truly here to serve you so know that we are committed to your great moving experience from your first contact to our follow up after the move. When you are finished viewing our site, if you have any questions, or if you are interested in reserving a moving date, please call us at 972-914-2500 or use our contact form.

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