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Movers Little Elm TX: Hire Real Professionals

In the moving industry there’s a lot of volatility and that’s well known. So when you are looking to hire movers in Little Elm TX the decision before you is one where you are deciding who you will choose to move your valuable items. Beyond the purchase of a home and cars our furniture and loose items are for most people the third most valuable assets one has.

The choice is simple, out of necessity a truly professional mover must be chosen. What other choice is there, to put your items at risk? Of course not! So with that in mind let’s discuss what constitutes a professional mover and what that specifically looks like in the moving industry. In doing so you can avoid common pitfalls and wade your way through the problem companies and choose one of the companies that is ‘part of the solution’.

First of all, real professional movers in Little Elm TX will be licensed. Not having license is typically a red flag, so simply put make sure to hire a mover that has a license to operate which by the way can be verified on the TxDMV website. Once you verify the mover you are considering is authorized to move household goods in the State of Texas you can check that one of your list.

Secondly, professional movers always use blankets (lots of them) and bring tools to each and every residential moving job they do. In addition they bring the truck. But to really dig in a little deeper you want your move to bring floor runners and many also bring plastic wrap as well. Obviously dollies are also an absolute must, and typically you want regular dollies, flat wheel dollies (for certain situations), appliances dollies, etc. Regardless of any tactic used in carrying items, without those materials there’s real risk therein. So make sure your movers have these aforementioned materials.

In addition to the first two, you also want your movers to bring the right amount of guys for the job. If the crew size is too small especially that can be an issue pretty quick into the move. For example, if you have an unusually heavy china cabinet and there’s only two movers than that might create unneeded risk which can be avoided by having a three man crew. We like to say that on most house moves of 2400 square feet or above you’re almost always going to want to have a three man crew. At some point at 3000, 3500 or higher square feet a four or five man crew becomes a serious consideration as well. Crew size matters, so make sure to address this in the scheduling call and/or the onsite quote.

When hiring professional movers getting a confirmation email of your scheduled move is actually quite important. You see, when your moving often times there is a sense of urgency tied to that particular day you have scheduled your move for. It’s not uncommon for a customer to be required per the buying and/or selling contract for the house they are leaving or buying to need to be out that very day. Therefore it makes perfect sense to ensure you verify the company you hire send an email and that you check over it thoroughly. More issues arise in this area than consumers are aware of and while the onus is on the mover to do the right thing and not make a mistake it’s prudent of the person(s) hiring the mover to fact check everything.

When striving to choose the right moving company make sure to ask the company about background checks for their workers. The moving industry has been known to attract rough characters. The stakes are higher because since said workers are entering your home, so knowing the quality of persons engaging your move is imperative. We encourage everyone to do their due diligence in this area.

If possible ask for a referral. If you know people that can attest to good experiences they have had with a certain moving company that can really lessen your risk that you would have a bad moving experience. When you are searching out movers and each company you contact is brand new to you it takes more work but a referral can help a lot though it does not guarantee anything. That’s why along with getting a referral we recommend you read reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, the BBB, etc. Reviews matters are positive or negative they are a reflection of the quality of work the moving crews bring to the table and also the customer service and integrity of the office as well. So try and ask for a referral, it can be a good first step!

In closing we hope that we’ve give you (the reader) some handles to work with in terms of hiring true professionals to perform your move for your house, apartment or office. If you would like to learn more about our moving service feel free to call us anytime at 972-914-2500 and visit our home page and submit a contact form at www.moversplustx.com. You can also learn more about our approach to moving and specifically our work in Little Elm Texas by visiting www.moversplustx.com/little-elm-local-movers/. We are here to serve you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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