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How To Help Your Professional Movers And Make Your Move Go Smoothly

Professional Movers Prosper TXLet’s face it, moving stinks, which is why most of us hire professional movers when it’s time to relocate.  It’s not just the lifting and toting of heavy items, it’s the planning, preparing and worrying that take the biggest toll on homeowners.  Hiring professional movers is the first step to making a move go smoothly and with less stress; but there are a number of things you must do before the movers show up and while they’re in your home to ensure that you all work together to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Do Your Homework
Visit the moving companies before you choose one to get the services you need and a reasonable price.  Why is this important, especially if you found a mover that has quoted a low price?  Because you get what you pay for and a low price can mean low quality service.  When you go to the movers on your short list, you can check them out in person.  Do they have an office?  Is it clean and well-run?  Is the office staff courteous and well-informed?  All of these things are important on moving day because you don’t want to have movers who show up late, driving a truck covered in graffiti.

Prepare For Moving Day
If you live in an apartment, find out if there are designated moving hours or designated parking spots for moving trucks.  Tell the movers ahead of time if there’s a particularly heavy item they’ll have to move, like a safe, so that they have enough people to do the job.  Doing some pre-moving-day prep work will help you to avoid delays that can cost you money. Also make sure to ask if there are any special items they won’t move, like a piano or a pool table, as often these unique pieces require a specialist.

Have Your Boxes Packed And Ready
If you are packing your own items, make sure everything is boxed and ready to go on moving day and have your boxes stacked near walls to leave room for the movers to get around your home safely.  You must also make sure that your boxes are labeled to correspond with the rooms the contents belong to; this makes placing them in your new home easier.

Identify Valuables
You should always take important items like wills, mortgage documents, cash and jewelry with you when you move.  These items should never be packed and moved by movers.  However, if you have larger items, like vases, china, antique furniture or other things that are valuable and/or fragile and must be moved by professionals, let your movers know beforehand so they can take the proper precautions to prevent breakage or damage.

Stay Out Of The Way
Your professional movers don’t want to be rude, but they really don’t need your help to do their job.  The best thing you can do on moving day is stay out of the way while they’re doing the heavy lifting and moving; just be available if they have any questions.  “Helpful” homeowners not only slow down the process, they can also endanger the safety of the movers.

When you’re ready for your next move, call the best professional moversinProsper, TX, Movers Plus, at (972) 914-2500.  You can also visit us online at www.moversplustx.com to get more helpful moving tips.

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