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Moving Companies Lewisville TX | Movers Plus LLC

In order to help make your move day seamless, we have prepared some FAQs for you to review. These are some of the most common questions that we incur as the best among moving Companies in Lewisville TX.

Are you a licensed mover?

We are licensed movers in the state of Texas. Movers Plus’s TxDMV # is 006826047C

Movers Lewisville TX

Are my items insured?

As one of the leading moving companies in Lewisville TX we carry the standard coverage that is required by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Additional insurance can be purchased at your expense.

Can I leave items in dresser drawers?

Yes, please take out any breakables though. Remove all items out of armoires and dressers with non-secured doors.

Is tipping standard procedure?

Most customers tip between 10%-15% but tips are not required.

Do hanging clothes need to be boxed? 

All items that are able to be boxed need to be boxed including but not limited to clothes, pictures, lamps and electronics. Boxes must be sealed on the top and bottom. We do offer wardrobe rentals for $5.00 each as well and we will hang and rehang your clothes if these are in play.

Moving Companies Lewisville TX

What items will not be moved?

Flammables, guns, non boxed items, live plants, pottery, and so forth.

Will you load or unload a rental truck?

Yes, and we also load/unload containers. It is recommended you rent blankets with your rental truck company or container company. Renting blankets on your end is actually quite important so count on us bringing that up during your consultation as even things that are not directly our responsibility still carry a lot of weight. The result of you being a truly satisfied customers is what counts in our book and you will see us act accordingly.

Experience matters and one’s particular approach matters. After all your items are important so there is no room for error when it comes to moving items. Excellence is required, and we practice it accordingly. The moving crews at Movers Plus LLC are the real deal and their super competitively compensated as such. It is our goal to create that wow factor in your moving experience. We have the people and processes in place already to ensure that your move is executed seamlessly.

In order to learn more about our moving services feel free to contact us to get pricing information on our top notch moving services. We are ready to assist you in any we can. It is our pleasure to take what can often be a stress time in and around your move and make it seamless from our end and in our service to you and moving your items. That matters to us. Quality matters. Excellence is the standard, not competence, but rather excellence. Visit us at


Moving Companies Lewisville TX | Movers Plus LLC